Living with roommates

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If there is one thing that most students or young professionals have to prepare themselves for when moving to New York City, it is having to live with roommates. New York has a tough real estate market and we all know the outrageous rental prices in this city. Most of us cannot afford a $3,000 apartment for ourselves and so, shared apartments are a good way of saving money as well as making new friends in the city. New York Next is all about shared apartments, but we also know that it can be challenging.

The Challenge

First of all, a shared apartment means a lot of different personalities living under one roof. This can definitely make up for a bad mix of people, and let's face it, we are not always going to get along with everyone. Also, the different schedules and lifestyles of the people you are living with can easily create tension. Some might be interns, others might be working a 9-5 job and others may be college students. Making it work can sometimes be difficult, but the number one solution is communication. Yes, we know, you have probably heard that a million times before. But it is, in fact, the number one solution to any issue. Talk to your roommates instead of holding the frustration inside, ending up having a full-on outburst on them.


The Struggles:

1. You try to keep a system of who has to buy the toilet paper, but we all know there is always that one person who seems to “forget” to buy it.

2. There is always that one loud roommate who loves to talk on Facetime during all hours, on speaker.


3. That roommate who thinks they still live at home and thinks their mom is going to clean up after them. Leaving you with no clean plates or utensils.


4. When there is only one bathroom in the apartment, and one roommate loves to take long showers in the morning.

5. That roommate that is constantly “borrowing” stuff from your pantry.

6. Your roommate(s) love going out every day of the week and comes home at 4am, starts cooking or stumbling around when you have to get up early.


Making It Work

A great way of getting communications started is by trying out some bonding activities. We realize that this may sound very “first day of school..ish”  but it really does work. Do margarita night, everyone go out for happy hour, do a picnic or just a simple movie night will lighten the mood and make everyone more comfortable around each other.


A Great Experience

We know that not everyone will enjoy living with roommates, but we do believe that it is a great way of getting started in the city. You will make a lot of good friends from it and you will appreciate having your own apartment way more when that day comes. It is a dream in itself to stay in this city, and our goal is to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Who knows, maybe you will miss that shared apartment life.

Daniel Stalder