NYC Survival Guide

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        Hello there, and welcome to the first ever blog post here on the New York Next blog. As we help students find a place to live in the most amazing city in the world, we thought it would be great to also write a little bit about what living here is actually like. And no, we don’t want to scare you but this city has a lot of surprises and so we thought it could be helpful to create a mini survival guide as our first post on this blog. Now that college is about to start up again, and the city is full of new hopeful international students and young professionals, this guide would be a perfect way to kick it off. Hopefully, you guys will start to like these posts and will make sure to stop by again for more New York City content!

From experience we can tell you that there are a few things that you need to be aware off when coming here:

1.     Knowing your area is key

With so much to explore, we know it can easily be overwhelming. Therefore, getting to know the area you’re going to be living in, is important. Knowing the nearest subway station, closest grocery store and most importantly: the nearest Deli, is important. Also, knowing what areas of your neighborhood you shouldn’t be hanging around in after-hours, is very important.


2.     Get Yourself a Subway Card

This can of course depend on what area you’re living in or if you like to walk to most of your destinations, but having one ready can be very handy. It is definitely the fastest and easiest way to get around the city. And yes, it is dirty and hot down there (This summer, some subway stops recorded over 100 degrees fahrenheit!) but you will definitely get used to it. Car services or cabs might sound way more comfortable but in the long run that will get expensive and Manhattan traffic is no joke.

3. Big City Etiquette

Yes, living in a big city like New York definitely requires you to behave a certain way when you’re out and about. Without it, you will most definitely get yelled at by the crazy lady on the train. So, if you want to be in the safe zone, then just follow these simple unwritten rules of New York City etiquette:

  1. If you are planning on standing still on the escalator, then stay to the right. This also applies to sidewalks.

  2. If you were to bump into anyone, which will happen, excuse yourself! This is a big one and you will hear the words “excuse me” more times living here, than you could ever imagine.

  3. Don’t cover the subway seat next to you with your bag, and please give your seat up for someone who needs it more as that is just the polite thing to do.


These are, of course, just a few of what most people should know but you will probably pick up on a few more as you become a more experienced New Yorker.

4.     Boring Necessities

There are two things that you should consider getting when first moving here, depending on how long your stay will be. First, a bank account with a bank in the city. Having an account and a debit card in the US will save you a lot of money with exchange rates and other fees from the bank in your home country. Second, it can be a great idea to get a New York State ID. It is handy to have in many situations, but especially if you plan to explore New York City nightlife.  


5.     Brace Yourself

We are sorry to break it to you, but you will witness some things that you just cannot erase from your memory, living in this city. We could write a whole blog post about what we have seen living here, but to sum it up in one word: traumatizing. There are ways of hopefully avoiding these situations, as there are some warning signs. For example, if a subway cart is empty that basically screams, do not enter! If you’re a sensitive person, who is easily grossed out, you will be challenged while living here.


But, with all of this being said, you will be just fine and New York City will most likely make you never want to leave. Hopefully, you found this blog post helpful and we wish you good luck and all the best on your New York City adventure!

Daniel Stalder